Early Riser

Purple Crocus
The crocus leaps
into its life
as soon as the March
melt begins.
Nothing you can say
about cold nights
and Spring snows
will stop it. 
Before the lake ice 
cracks, before you
put away your gloves
and shovel, its
slender stem
and purple petals
ascend defenseless
in the chill air.
—No, this plant
won't waste a moment
to grab at its chance. 

Copyright 2010 by Brian Dean Powers
Published in 2014 by the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets
Photo by Biegun Wschodni at unsplash.com

18 thoughts on “Early Riser

  1. These are bright vigorous lines, so appropriate to describe this flower – and also to celebrate spring; your crocus here stands for Spring itself.


  2. I very much like this one – especially since the snows here melted four days ago and the daffodils are already half way up. I guess they were trying to grow through the snow. Is that possible?


  3. I don’t know why, but when I read the title, I thought it would be about a person/runner and it took me re-reading the first few lines to re-focus my concentration. I think somewhere, someone said something about judging a book and its cover. Maybe. I’m pretty sure. 😉

    Beautiful and excellent imagery.
    “Nothing you can say
    about cold nights
    and Spring snows
    will stop it.”
    was especially fantastic. I thought that wonderfully captured the struggle of life, the futility of people/humans in the world sometimes, and overcoming adversity all at the same time. Bravo

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