The Run to Picnic Point

Point Postcard
August ends, humid and hot
but that's not stopping you from hauling

yourself up hill after hill. Off-road,
across the grassy flat of a football field,

you stride with light, silent steps β€”
though your pace in this heat

is more jog than dash.
The run grows in its slow

and winding way, flourishing at last
on the path to Picnic Point. The trodden

ground is dappled, sunlight blazing radiant trails
through the leaves overhead. The breeze

sprays you with the fragrance of apples,
strokes your sweat-slicked skin.

You dodge and dart over tree roots
and rocks, breathing easy, immersed

in the spread of an incandescent day.
Sunlight runs among the treetops on photon feet.

Copyright 2004 by Brian Dean Powers
Published in Echolocations: Poets Map Madison by Cowfeather Press,
and in 2006 by the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. During 2014, the poem was
displayed in the Reflections: Madison photography and poetry exhibit
at the Monona Terrace Convention Center.
Public Domain photo at

12 thoughts on “The Run to Picnic Point

  1. Excellent. You really captured trudging through hot and humid summer weather, trying to block out any discomfort felt while enjoying your surroundings. Late July and most of August are like this for me and try and sap my motivation before I even begin. And I really enjoyed the concluding parallels between your run and the sun’s rays, and thought that was very well done. It’s as if you’ve finally become immersed in nature and your environment, you become part of it, not unlike the natural racing of sunlight across the scene.

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