In almost Spring,

the green fingers
	of the first crocuses
		begin to pierce

the cold soil, 
	as if reaching
		toward the matted hair

of last year’s grass.
	One bright 
		and gusty afternoon
in winter’s last days
	will break
		the thin cataract of ice
left on the surface
	of the lake.
		The fist

on the branch-end, 
	as April nears,
		is the spirit 

of my body, too—
	longing to shed
		its confining glove,

to feel the sun’s breath
	singing warmth
		across my veins.

Copyright 1997 by Brian Dean Powers
Published in 1999 by the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets
Photo by Tommaso Urli at

14 thoughts on “In almost Spring,

  1. 1. Lovely picture, Brian. Did you take it yourself?

    2. The way you’ve positioned the lines? Is this a particular style, you’re working on?
    There’s a rhythm to the format that almost demands this poem be read outloud.
    I like the way the last line of each stanza leads into the first line of the next.

    3. The last stanza? You’re talking about removing clothing, right, not your skin? That mention of veins sent me off on a path you might not have intended…

    4. Thank you for these words of renewal and hope 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is a fine photo, but it’s not mine. There’s a credit at the end of the post. The style of the line breaks goes back to the American poet, William Carlos Williams, and often was used effectively by my favorite poet, Mary Oliver. And yes! I intend it to convey the rhythm I hear in the words. As for the ending, yes it’s the layers of winter clothing we want to shed. And that’s where I’m at now, waiting for shorts-and-tee-shirts weather.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, Brian. I don’t think I’ve looked at poetry since college, but I’m learning a lot from you 🙂

        I’ll be happy when the weather gets to where I won’t need a coat 🙂


  2. thank you for this.
    Croci are a powerful symbol for me; a portend of promise of spring and Life returning despite the despair and dreariness of a long winter.


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