Listening to Cicadas

August already: time to see summer
before it sinks. Beneath bountiful branches

I stand and watch the sunlight soak
through green and breathing leaves. All 

around, like fog in the trees, alarm clocks
ring beneath male cicada wings. And look: 

a current of slick, black ants flows
down the dark drive. Sometimes

I stop to hear the waterfall gushing 
from my window fan, and sometimes

I want to pour it all into words,
lingering to love what can’t be kept.

Copyright 2000 by Brian Dean Powers
Published in 2002 by the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets
Photo by the author

11 thoughts on “Listening to Cicadas

  1. “alarm clocks ring…” This line perfectly captures these last days as summer winds down, but the words that resonate, that stay with me are the final ones…
    “to love what can’t be kept.” Powerful.
    We’ve had thunderstorms today, thanks for the sunshine 🙂

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  2. Time waits for no one. But I like the reminders of the seasons coming around again. Thanks for the reminder.
    JP x


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