About Brian Dean Powers

Brian Dean PowersI am a retired civil servant, and a lifelong resident of Madison, Wisconsin USA.

My prose and poetry have been published in anthologies, in magazines, and online. Three of my poems have been set to music by Madison composer, Brian Schultz.

The title of this site, “The Body’s Heated Speech,” comes from my road bike poem of the same name. It applies specifically to my long involvement with distance running and cycling, and more generally to the experience of love and passion. 

You can read a selection of my favorite poems by Mary Oliver and other writers at Words for the Year. You can also check out an autobiographical essay I wrote in 2009 for Our Lives Magazine.

13 thoughts on “About Brian Dean Powers

  1. Brian, I had to look it up, it’s a 27 hour drive or 1716 miles from Madison to Charlottetown PEI. Probably shorter if you fly from Chicago to Toronto and then on to Charlottetown. I drove 4 years ago when we moved from Ottawa to Charlottetown with 2 sleeping dogs on the back seat that was 14 hours done in 2 days but it can be done in one or so I am told.
    I am just writing this out a propos of nothing really. Thank you for your comments on my blog.


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